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At the end up the 2013 we have played many sensational games. It’s time to go for a quick flash back to the best games of 2013. I have created a short list of Top ten games of the 2013 including all the platforms. I know that every games have a individual beauty & it’s so tough to choose the best. So lets count from the 1.

1.GTA V-

GTA V is the most awaited game of the 2013. Rockstar has added some new feature in the GTA V. It’s a very unique game. No game has come close to it. The story develops on three criminals adventure through the modern cities & urban areas.

2.The last of us –

You guys will go crazy if i don’t keep it in number 1 or 2 place. It has awesome graphics., gameplay & unique story. Though it’s available only on ps3, it has got huge popularity. The only reason it isn’t #1 because it’s exclusive. If it was on a other platforms it has that potential to be on #1.

3.Assassins creed 4: Blackflag-

Assassins creed 4: Blackflag is the masterpiece of ubisoft. It has the most amazing storyline i’ve ever seen. With awesome next generation graphics & gameplay the Assassins creed 4: Blackflag got the 3rd place on our list.
4.Bioshock infinite-
Great game play, deep story, stunning atmosphere made this game a trademark. In this game you will taste the modern battle equipments like call of duty or battlefield. But this game has that X factor to be the number 4 in my list.

5.Need for speed Rivals-

At last after Need for speed most wanted in 2005, the Need For speed made an impact by Need for speed Rivals. Awesome graphics & game play made this game number 5 in our list.

6.Fifa 14-

After the success of Fifa 14 continued the flow of success. But we didn’t think that so much change have been made after the 2013 except new kits & transfers. But Ea games made some difference in the celebration of the players.

7.Call of duty Ghosts-

The Call of duty ghosts is one of the best FPS game of this year. But it will be better if the company tell the story in a movie wise lik the Assassins creed 4. Though it took the spot of number 7.

8.Battlefield 4-

Some will ask me why I put it after call of duty. My answer is Battlefield 4 & Call of duty ghosts can’t be compared. Both have different engines, game play & story. But it has miss the number 7 spot by a narrow margin for gamer reviews. So I kept it in number 8.

9.Tomb Raider-

Lara croft, the “hero”of tomb raider took this game away from the other games. But we think that there is some points where the company can improve.So i kept it in number 9.

10.Batman:Arkham Origins-

The number 10 goes to Batman:Arkham Origins. It’s game play & story made this number 10. I loved to play this game. Specially lots of monsters, Super villain just awesome.
It’s my personal opinion for the games. If any comments hurts any body please forgive me. I will come back with the most anticipated game of 2014 very soon.

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