3 Keys To Affiliate Marketing Success


Finding affiliates is a critical task for those that are in affiliate Internet marketing. Affiliates make money for you and drive traffic to you business. That is good for you, but another thing that it true for those that become affiliates is that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to break into internet marketing and start making money online.

Being an affiliate means that you promote and send traffic to a product or products that someone else has created. The product owner provides you with a URL to the product and you develop your business by promoting that URL – referred to as an affiliate link. As an affiliate you receive a commission every time you make a sale from your affiliate link.

How do you insure that you can benefit or profit from being an affiliate? You have already benefitted in several ways by saving in your start up costs and efforts. You didn’t have to create your own product, develop your own sales page with graphics, or many other things.

You were able to start your business with all of these things already in place. Here are three keys to insure that your business as an affiliate becomes successful.

1. Product.

Selecting a product is a task you will have to pay a lot of attention to. And this has to be done well before you start thinking about a marketing campaign . It will require research and effort because you must choose the right product to promote. This is one of the first steps that you must take as an affiliate and it is essential to your future success.

During your research you will find hundreds of affiliate products over a wide range of topics that you could promote. Internet marketers call these niches. Your task is to find one that has a high probability that it will indeed help your business succeed.

You need to consider things like the amount of competition, are there keywords that people are searching for, is the sales page of good quality, do you like the product, would you buy it, can you work and establish yourself as a player in the existing market for the product.

You task is to find an affiliate product you can  actually sell.

2. Prospects.

Just having an affiliate product that you feel will sell does not insure that you will have a successful business. Your next task is just as important. You must start working on building a list of potential customers. You must not overlook this element of your affiliate marketing business.

It is a very big factor in your future. This list will be the people that will buy from your sales letter. As an affiliate marketer you will not be successful if you do not start and continue to build this list of prospects. One technique that has proven to be success in this list building effort is to start off your efforts by directing your traffic to a something that you offer for free.

By offering something for free you can get people to opt into your list. You are exchanging your free gift for their contact information. Once they are on your prospect list, you start to send them information. You use a squeeze page and an autoresponder to obtain these prospects and then you start a long term effort to build a relationship with your prospects  and you offer them additional value over time.

3. Promotion.

Once you have a list of prospects your task is to convert them into customers. Now you start your promotion efforts. This will continue as long as you remain in business and continue to have prospects on your list – you will constantly be adding to your list.

There are many wants to promote your affiliate link. One is to constantly use your autoresponder to send out follow up message that contain promotions for your affiliate product.

Another is to set up a blog. This may be one of the best methods that you can employ to  promote your affiliate products. You can write articles or posts as they are called to emphasize some aspect of you product. You could promote other products that fit with your niche. You can use your blog to link to several different affiliate products and promote all of them right on the blog.

There are more things that you will do over time. However, these three are important if you want to insure that your internet marketing efforts to promote affiliate products take you along a path that will bring you opportunities to make money online.


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