30 useful tips for creating successful Content Marketing


It goes without saying that currently, content marketing is the new SEO. It is quite evidenced that in order for one to get more search traffic, they need to have a lot of content posted on their websites. However, when it comes to creating an executable content marketing strategy, it is not as simple as taking a walk in the park. The idea of just posting hundreds of articles on your web page and expecting it rank well on Google is farfetched.

To succeed with the process, you need to first of all understand the concept of leverage content marketing. Here are some of the things you need to bear in mind before launching your content marketing strategy:

• To succeed in content marketing, you definitely need content. Begin by creating your own content. After creating your content, market it. To win this battle, you need to promote your content. Dedicate plenty of your time to promote your content.
• Create content that is at least 2000 words as such contents tend to rank a lot higher on Google.
• To rank well, always bear in mind that great content is the key to attracting traffic. Remember that content is not king, but great content is. Mediocrity can never be tolerated when creating content.
• Content should not just be limited to text. Videos, photos, comics, and inforgraphic also make it in the list. In fact at KISSmetrics, inforgraphic is associated with providing better returns on investment than any other form of content.
• Content marketing does not directly produce ROI. Count on it to increase your sales but still indirectly. A good example to this is when an individual reads your blog and instantaneously becomes attracted to your product hence purchasing it.
• When running your own company, it is quite easy to convince yourself to be doing leveraging content marketing. This however is not usually the case when you have someone supervising you. It may be hard for them to understand that the ROI is not immediate. Nevertheless, this particular guide should help.
• Consistency is the key to attracting traffic. Unlike link building where you get to start and stop at your convenience, content marketing demands consistency. Snooze and you lose.
• Patient is a prerequisite as days, weeks, or even months may fail to produce results. You need to put at least a year’s work before you can yield solid results.
• A correctly chosen title can have a decisive positive result in the search ranking results. Therefore the article title should be given some special thought before finalizing it. Setting a couple of titles before choosing the best one could be very helpful. The chosen one should contain a clear cut description of the article’s content and the target keywords of your choice. For your support in choosing the best article title there are some title generating websites you can use such as the title generator or the headline formula. Personally I do not use those but for an amateur blogger these might come in handy.
• When blogging, ensure to use a conversational tone as opposed to adopting an essay format. This is because essays put people to sleep while the rather interactive conversation engages people.
• Dedicate your resources towards producing ever green content as opposed to time based content which tends to become outdated.
• When blogging always make sure that you use Google Authorship. This will help to brand you and also help in building up your rank as an author.
• Titles should always be intriguing to both the people and the search engines. Come up with an appropriate title that can be typed on Google when conducting a search.
• Make sure that you incorporate social media to your content marketing strategy as it greatly helps drive traffic.
• To promote link building which ultimately increases traffic, make sure you incorporate guest blogging strategies.
• When link building, always ensure that you are linking out to sites that can share your content. Being a link whore can never help. This will make other sites to notice yours hence make them to want to share your content.
• Though list building, you can collect the email addresses of a number of people which can be used to notify them of any new item on your blog.
• Since content is not always equal, try different niches to find which particular content can generate more traffic. Normally, guides produce better results than any other content.
• For more social traffic, try using Social Metrics Pro which will track your content and show you exactly which ones are doing great. This helps in knowing what content to produce.
• To convert blog readers into customers, you may also want to embrace webinars. This may not work but it is worth trying.
• Exploit a number of templates in case you are having troubles creating content.
• Those using inforgraphic to generate traffic and backlinks should always ensure that they have attached embedded codes at the bottom of each graphic.
• Since content marketing is a long tail strategy, do not expect head terms to help in ranking. Quick Sprout gets you over 90% of its traffic from long tail keywords while KISSmetrics creates over 91% of its traffic from the same.
• Create a content calendar that will help you in coming up with a schedule for releasing your content.
• If you want to create viral content, there is a way of doing it. Try to follow it if you want to get the most.
• Avoid duplicating content if you want to succeed with you content marketing strategy. Take time to create new and fresh content.
• There are a few places where you can spark your creativity; Pinterest, Storify, and LinkedIn Signal can be of great help.
• To scale your content marketing, user generation content is the best way of going about the whole affair. Content generated from forums or a question and answer site is usually the best.
• Generate content that is compatible with all devices such as tablets, mobile phones, computers, laptops among others.
• Finally, ensure that you convert your readers into fans.


Over the last few years, SEO has been evolving continuasly. Short term tactics are not anymore effective in the long run. For a more long term haul, it is best if long term techniques are adopted. Content marketing is the best long term strategy to adapt.



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