4 Reasons Why You Gatta Have A Squeeze Page Now


Yes, it is a great feeling to have your affiliate product rake up sales and add money to your account. I want you to realize that you could have done more with those buyers though. Let’s say you have people that do not buy from your sites but has an interest in things you have to offer.

What if you had the opportunity to get more information from those buyers and potential buyers? By doing this you could actually put yourself in position for future sales from those same people.

This action can be done by what is known as a squeeze page. Many also refer to it as a landing page. A squeeze page is designed to capture the name and opt-in email addresses of subscribers and potential buyers.

On average, it consist of an attention getting headline or phrases that claims to be of help to the interested reader. You will also find incentives such as a free eBooks, reports, audio, subscription to a membership site, software, information, and other gifts to encourage persons to opt-in.

It takes a lot to grab the attention of potential subscribers online today. Especially when more and more people are putting up freebies, offers, and bonuses to capture subscribers. You must find a way to get your opt-in squeeze page more attractive and enticing to those that are exposed to it.

Today I would like to help you with 4 benefits of a squeeze page:

1. You gain control of promotions

Let’s say your potential buyer does not buy the first time. When they subscribe you get to tell them more about the offer you are trying to promote. Even more than that you also get to introduce other offers to them. This helps you to even study your buyers and test promotions to see what is it that causes them purchase.

Imagine being able to email these people for a lifetime. This helps to keep traffic going to your site. This is where you begin to do more to entice them and see what really interest them. You not only can get one sale but sales many times over.

2. Conversion rates are increased

You know how it is when you come across a site or product that interest you right? All of a sudden something else comes up or you are distracted by the phone or doorbell. By the time you get back you don’t have that same interest or desire anymore. Once you would have gotten subscribers’ through your squeeze page you can continuously send emails and promotions. By doing this you help them to see the benefits of your product that they may have missed when they got distracted. This gives you numerous opportunities to show them benefit after benefit how your affiliate product can help their life.

3. Builds value to your business

I know many people are out there bragging on sales but the greatest asset to your affiliate marketing business is your list. After a sale you get to create a relationship with your customer. This is what gets them to continue to put trust in you and take a look at other recommendations. This gives you the power in having active buyers that you can contact anytime. Remember that they agreed to receive information, tips and recommendations from you, so there is no spamming to fear.

Imagine if you were to sell your business. The fastest way for you to get the attention of a potential purchaser is the size of your list. The size of your list gives you the right to increase your asking price. The size of your list tells them how happy their cash register is going to be. They want to know who they can market to today and not months from now.

4. Power to cross selling

The good thing about it is they gave you permission to hear from you. I will encourage you to promote affiliate products that you consider valuable and of good quality. They will be in a better frame of mind as you send them promotions. People tend to be more open to messages coming to them in their email box. This is due to the fact that it is coming from someone that they know.

You can offer discounts, deals and bonuses to help persons make a decision to accept your affiliate products. Your list also give you the power to do joint ventures with others. You must do whatever it takes to make it work.

Finally, test your squeeze pages. Add audio, video, change content, bullet points, font sizes etc. This is how you get to see what works best for you.

Your number one mistake in affiliate marketing is to NOT have a squeeze page.


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