7 Affiliate Marketing Risks You Must Take


Tell me what do you think about this? Would you rather have lived a life having tried and taken a chance or wondering what could have happened? There are so many people out there telling the story of what if.

You know the one’s like what if I had applied for that job opening, what if I went to college, what if I spent my money more wisely and so on. You can also call it the woulda, coulda, shoulda story. This post is aimed at encouraging you to take the risk when opportunity comes and while you have the chance.

Never live a life of regret. Live life to the max.

1. Be The First To Ask

If it fails… the most they will say is that they don’t want to do joint ventures with you because you don’t have a list or your own product. You will thank him for his time and politely say maybe you can connect sometime in the future.

If you never ask… you will miss out on meeting a great future partner and friend. Also the potential of extra income.

Response? Do a Google search for joint venture opportunities and partners in your topic of interest.

2. Attending Training /Webinar  Sessions

If it fails… you may find yourself thinking this is all a foreign language or experience information overload. This can discourage you because of not knowing where to start and what is best for you. You may also come across others who have tried it all and still get know results.

If you never attend… you’ll become jealous of the stories of others sharing their experience and financial freedom they are enjoying. No first hand knowledge on the opportunities out their to make money online.

Response? Do some niche research and learn what you can from the top marketers in that field.

3. Invest In Yourself and Future

If it fails… you may end up buying an eBook, or an expensive software that you didn’t really need. A few months later you find the same thing free or at a much lower price on another site or as a gift from a newsletter.

If you never invest … you will be ignorant to the secrets of  internet marketing and have limited income. Imagine neglecting yourself from a wealth of knowledge that can transform your financial status.

Response? Find something to invest in that can create a better income future for you.

4. Try Something New

If it fails… you’ll have learned that you have courage to speak in the front of a camera. Your videos may not go viral . After the emotions wear off, you will notice that your passion is not too great in this are and this is not your greatest gift.

If you never try… you’ll not have a youtube account and get others to watch your videos.

Response? Learn how to create videos and blog in a new way.

5. Start Your Own Business

If it fails… thanks to the help and investment of family of friends you have something that’s yours. After the initial excitement you may be forced to give up because the funds may not be coming in as fast as you need it.

If you never start…  you will continue at that day job that you dream to say goodbye to one day. Well I guess you will be stuck there for life.

Response? Create a plan for the type of online business you desire and get the resources to help you get started.

6. Reconnect With Friends

If it fails… you’ll make an effort to suggest a time to reconnect for lunch one day. You may have conflicting schedules or they may just not desire to spend the time with you anymore.

If you never reconnect… you’ll have thoughts about them saying why you never tried to contact them. There goes another lost friendship that could have been saved.

Response? Try to connect with your friends through facebook. Tip: There is also income opportunity through facebook

7. Give Them A Call To Action

If it fails… you’ll drive traffic to your newsletter or squeeze page and offer them a free gift. You will start to build your list but they opt-out because other than the gift your newsletter doesn’t offer much.

If you never offer… you will never build and have your own list.  You will miss out on the opportunity to build a friendship. Another advantage will be to send them tips, recommendations and promotion anytime you desire.

Response? Find a free gift to offer subscribers, create a squeeze page, open an auto responder  account to create your newsletter and follow up messages. Start driving traffic to build your list.

We’d love to hear your feedback on what was discussed here.

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