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Some Basic on page SEO techniques is discussed in the previous post. I am acknowledging that it is not complete. I want to give some simple strategies, which a newbie can do. The reason for that post was, in one of the forum, I seen a webmaster in a charity site asking for help and she don’t have money to promote her site. I just want to help people like that. But those are tried and proven effective right now.

We will look in to off page search engine optimization strategies now. What is off page seo?

Off page optimization includes all the ranking factors that are located in your web page, which you want to optimize, that the search engine will look at when ranking a website.

Let us look in to those factors;

Which websites linking to you

The number of websites linking to you

Google page rank of websites linking to you

Page title of websites linking to you

The anchor text used in the link linking to you

The number and type of links linking to the sites, which is linking to you

The number of out bound links on the website that is linking to you

The total number of links on the websites that is linking to you

The IP address of the websites that is linking to you

I am not going detail on each point. Instead discuss what is good for better ranking.

We should get as many websites link to our site for better ranking. The site which linking to your site should have better page rank. The more the better. The title of the sites linking to your site consists the same keyword as your topic. If not possible variations of the keyword. It means your linking partner should be of same niche. If other sites in your niche vote for your site, search engines will give more importance to your site.

The anchor text used for linking should be your keyword. You can use long phrase word, consisting your main keywords.

If the site link to your site has too many outgoing links, Google will give less value for that link.

If your link partner has many sites linking to his site, then that link got more value.

The IP address of the sites linking to you should be different. If you have many sites in same host and they are linking to your main site, it got less value only.

Other factors like domain age, keywords in domain name etc got some effect in your site ranking. But different search engine gives different rate of importance to that.

So the main point to come top in search engine page rank is, get as many one way links from different sites in your main key word as anchor text. If you can beat the top ranking sites in that, your site will get high SERP.

Your linking rate should be in a consistent manner. Don’t get too many links in same day. Many seo experts saying up to twenty links in a day are ok.

How to get one way links?

There are many free directories where you can submit your site.

You can join forums in your topic and if they allow, insert link in your signature line. This will give links and some traffic to your site.

Other simple way is commenting in good page rank blogs in your niche which got do follow allowed.

You can post article in article directories. Other way is you can post article as guest writer in many blogs. This will give you some traffic of that blogs also.

There is a latest trend in internet marketing which is a paid method. Many blog net works are formed and you can post your article and many blogs in the network will publish your article which got links to your site. But you have to pay a monthly membership fee.

There is a Free Method for One Way Links

If you are interested here is a free method. You can write article in any topic and publish in thirty variations of article using spinner in thirty blogs, each article got two links to your selected site. That is if you write one article it will give you sixty links to your site. It is absolutely free. If you like you can join without spending any money. You can write as many articles. Try this free traffic method.

To analyze your competitor sites, you should use some internet marketing tools like seo elite. These software will help you to manage many sites rank well in search engine results.


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