Make a living off the internet.


Ok, so you’re here wondering how to make money while surfing the net, right? Well, I’ll go you one better. You can now make money WITHOUT surfing the net. Thats right, none of the hassle with all those annoying ads or banners.

I am keeping this short because the sooner you can get onto these programs the more money you will make. If you think these are bogus offers or that they never work or they are too much of a hassle to get any money. Well, guess again.

This is an actual check someone I know received recently from just one of the services. This check is what convinced me to join as many of these services as I can and enjoy the extra cash that my friend is actually using to pay all his utilities, car payment and car insurance every month.

Disclaimer: I am not held responsible for anyone who uses these programs or tries to cheat any of these companies. If your want to learn or get the programs that allow you to make money while sleeping. Or automate your surfing so you don’t have to be around to make money or surf the internet.

These are all the places that pay you to surf. Some pay you more than others, but it really doesn’t matter because you will be getting money from ALL of them if you do it right. Just follow the links and sign up. You can sign up fairly quick, so i would suggest doing it all at once. (If the links don’t open in new windows, just Right-Click on the link and select the ‘Open in New Window’ option.)

If I had to choose 3 or 4 of the ones below, I would choose AllAdvantage, ValuePay, CashSurfers and GetPaid4. mValue, Spedia, Desktop Dollars and Paybar are my next choice and all the rest would be my third. But just remember, the more you sign up for the more you get paid.

You’ve signed up for all the services. You’ve downloaded all the little goodies. Now your ready to kick back and make some cash. I can offer two pieces of advice. First off, log as many hours as you can until you hit the monthly limit (if any) for a service then move on to the next. TRY NOT TO GO OVER THE MONTHLY LIMIT! This way you don’t rack up useless time that you don’t get paid for. The second piece of advise is this: TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. If they sign up under you, you can get paid for part of their surf time. Needless to say, the more friends you have sign up, the more money you will rake in.


Cheating these services is not permitted. There are programs out there that imitate surfing the internet. These programs are against the rules set by the different programs above. I do not suggest you use them as you will end up getting caught and have to forfeit all the earnings. Stay away from these programs as they are bad news. Using these types of programs is against the rules and takes away from the fairness of using these services to make some good extra money on the side. Please do not risk loosing free money and stay away from these programs.


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