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How To Fix Website Errors is the fourth of a four part series. The first in the series can be found here:

The second series can be found here:

The third series can be found here:

A good practice and the final stage of SEO is to regularly check your website for errors, especially 404 errors. The best and easiest way to achieve this is by using Google Search Console.

Remember 404 errors are typically caused by broken links and they can be quickly fixed using 301 redirects. I have two 404 errors on this site. This has been caused by a plugin I installed then later removed. In the process, 2 URL’s were created by the plugin and upon deletion the content was removed. Unfortunately leaving two links that are now currently unavailable.

We’ll head over to Google Search Console, go to Crawl, then Crawl Errors. Now we have a tab that lists the errors on this site and where the error or errors are located.

As you can see from the image of my Google Search Console account, I have two 404 errors and the two broken links are also listed. If I select the links I will be able to see the page on my site where the broken link resides.

I have one of two options. I can locate the broken link and delete it or I can perform a simple 301 redirect. The later is my preferred option. You may see on occasion other errors that are not familiar to you. Using the type and number of the error listed you can perform a Google search to learn about the nature of the error and more importantly how to find a solution.

The plugin Simple 301 Redirects by Scott Nelle is extremely easy to use. On the left hand side I add the broken link and on the right hand side I choose where the broken link will be redirected too. In my case I am redirecting my broken link to my main domain name as shown in the image.

This brings us to the end of our SEO series, hopefully the commonly used terms are now familiar to you.

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If you have any questions about the errors found on your website or the complete series please leave your questions below. If you found the complete series useful please also share it socially.


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