Who else wants to be an affiliate marketer?


Do you want to learn how to become an affiliate marketer? It sounds like a glamorous life style. This career holds the promise of huge returns on your minimal investment. What’s not like about a career that offers you the possibility of making money 24/7? Well, before that happens, there are a few decisions you need to make to get started in your new career.


Decide What You Are Willing to Invest – Time or Money

As I said, it’s a glorious thing to have an income flowing in from the efforts you make working at home. However, there is a catch. They don’t call it a Return on Investment for nothing. You will need to decide whether you are going to invest your time or your money.


Many people love the fact that they are getting something for nothing. We both know that in most cases in nature that doesn’t happen. Affiliate marketing is appealing to most because they believe they should be able to make money without investing a dime. The good news is this is probable.

When you don’t invest money into the software, outsourcing or advertising it takes to be successful; it will take you a long time to see that success. If you are going to make your own blog, write and submit your own articles, do all the research and SEO all by yourself, it’s going to be a long and frustrating road. It is not impossible to do it all on your own. However, the likelihood that you’ll get bored and/or discouraged before you start seeing results is very high.


The other road you can take is to outsource services that you need in order to get the maximum work done in the least amount of time. You can outsource article writing and SEO work. Paying to advertise your site can have a greater ROI than waiting to see good results with organic (traffic).

However, even when you are paying for services, there is a learning curve. If you are not disciplined enough to take the time to learn about advertising online – you could lose your shirt. If you hire anyone without first finding out about their background and experience, you may be sadly disappointed in their work. So, even if you pay money to achieve an income, there is still a learning curve involve.

Your next step in learning how to become an affiliate marketer is deciding the type of product you want to sell.

Decide what type of products you would like to market

Would you like to market digital or physical products? Well, both products come with pros and cons. Let’s just review both.

Digital Products or Services

If you want to market digital products, you plan on selling eBooks, DVDs or online services. The great thing about digital products is they give you instantaneous sales. The profit margin can be high when you are talking about digital products. The typical product can offer $10 – $100 in commission for each sale. There are online courses that offer thousands of dollars in commission. Although I must warn you making $1,000+ commission in one sale is not the norm.

The big commissions are a plus to selling digital products. Now, here is the downfall. Digital products have an extremely high rate of return. Most digital products come with a 100% guarantee and people are not afraid to use it!

Physical Products of Services

Physical products are self-explanatory. It requires the merchandise ships to someone’s door. Physical products range from paper clips to automobiles and everything in between. So, as you can see, there is a wide range of products for you to market. That is great news because it is likely that you can find a great niche product that doesn’t have a lot of competition. Also, physical products aren’t as likely to be return – especially if the customer has to pay for the return shipping.

Now for the bad news, physical products usually have a very low commission rate. For example, Amazon Associates’ program has commissions as low as 4%. That means if you are selling a product that is $10 you will receive $0.40. Yes, that is not a typo; you’ll get a forty cent commission. Most digital affiliate marketers wouldn’t even roll out of bed for a commission of less than $15.00.

Here you have two of the essentials of learning how to become an affiliate marketer. Making these important decisions will take you closer to your marketing goals.


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