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Use our new personal Site Builder to design your own site when you host your site on our server (as low as $3.75 per month). Click here to learn more!


Simple site design (3 to 5 pages)  LIMITED TIME: $299! Save $100!

Full site design (6 or more pages)

Flash design (intros, simple and full site)

Additional services include scripting, databases, animation, custom photography for site, merchant services integration and much more.

You can save money by combining all of your online needs into one package: hosting, domain name and design!

All design services include a support contract, free optimization for search engines and submission to all major search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to have a site built?

The costs to develop a site varies, based on the amount of work required to complete the build. Our lowest availablel simple site starts at only $399 including domain name registration and hosting for an entire year from the date of purchase.

2. How long does it take to build a site?

While our staff is fast, we take pride in the quality of our sites. Therefore, we usually allow a minimum of three weeks for the initial site and an additional week after design completion to make necessary changes to wording and photos that may need to be substituted at the discretion of the site owner. A more complex site will take up to two months or longer, depending on our current work load, as well as the amount of work to be completed and the time it takes the site owner to provide the needed information.

3. What if I don’t like my site as presented?

No problem. That is why we build an initial page for review. The first page will have a basic site design and some stock photos to fill the site so that you can see what it will look like. From there, we go through the build with you, step by step, to ensure that we’re taking the right path. We certainly don’t want to waste time developing a site that doesn’t suit your business or your sense of style, so we try to get a good idea before we begin. Final payment is also not accepted until the site is approved by the site owner.

4. Do I own the site design?

Depending on the contract you choose, you may or may not own your site design. We reserve the right to publish a WebWalker site build notation on the bottom of all our sites. Should this be removed, a full invoice will be due immediately, as indicated in your contract. Of course, you always own your copyrights to your materials that are submitted for the site.

5. What about support?

We offer support for all our clients. You may choose to include a year’s support (unlimited assistance) with your contract, or you may opt for an “as needed” option in which you will pay us only as you need us. However, for those who make more than a few minor changes per year, this can be costly. The support contract is your best value.

6. If I use your hosting services, how can I be sure that my site is going to be “up?”

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. No questions asked. This guarantee is based on a month-to-month basis. Should your site be down for more than the allowed time (we’ve never had this happen), we will credit you a full month’s hosting. We use back-up servers to insure that our clients’ sites are always visible on the world wide web. HOWEVER, we do not guarantee your internet service. Some ISP’s such as Alltel frequently have outages that would prohibit you from viewing your site – but that does not affect our uptime as your site will be viewable from other locations that are using alternate ISP’s. Our servers are also located in multiple areas throughout North America. This helps to ensure that storms will not affect our servers.

7. What if I want to use my own hosting company and have registered my domain elsewhere?

Not a problem. You can host your site elsewhere. However, if choosing a support contract that includes WebWalker’s Statistics and Marketing plan, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the alternative company’s statistics.

8. How do I get a free quote?

Just contact us!

9. I want a database on my site, with security. Can you do this?


10. Do you custom-design animations?

Yes. We have experienced and capable animation artists on staff.


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