10 Painless Ways to Market Your Sites Content


How do you promote what you put on your site? You can work hard to create the best content in the world, but it won’t have any effect on your website unless there are people who are reading it. Marketing your content is a critical part of creating a site of value.

Figuring the best way to market your content isn’t as hard as you think. The Internet offers tons of effective marketing strategies and most are easy to implement, if you devote a little time to things.

Here are 10 painless ways to market your content and start building your customer database in the process.

1. Create a Blog: A blog lets you constantly add new information targeted to a particular audience. Many potential customers will use a blog to get a better feel for the company they are dealing with. They want to know more about you before they give you their money. They also want to find out what you have to offer, so give them product reviews, articles, reports and more.

2. Write an e-Book: An e-Book or informational report about your product or service can be written and distributed to current and potential customers. You can either sell it or offer it as a free gift with a subscription to the site. You can also give it away to get people to your website. It works. People love added value.

3. Create a Forum: Create an online forum where your customers can discuss the topic of your products or services. Participate in that forum so they get to know you. Again, you want to build your reputation and trust.

4. Write a Newsletter: Create an newsletter detailing the latest happenings within your company and distribute it weekly or monthly. Just be careful not to send it out too often or people won’t be as likely to read it.

5. Start a Podcast: Talk about your product or service and record it as a podcast. Offer a subscription to the podcasts to capture leads, or simply use it as a way to generate buzz about your products.

6. Put a Video on YouTube: YouTube is quickly becoming the most popular site for search on the web. It’s huge. Create a short but informative video about your website and post it on YouTube. Create a link in your profile that will send people directly to your site after they have watched the video.

7. Set Up an RSS Feed: If you update your content on a regular basis, offer an RSS feed option on your site so customers can be alerted when you post new information. People will see your updates in their RSS reader as they become available. This is a great option for people who follow lots of websites but don’t necessarily have time to visit every one of them. A feed reader lets the reader view all the content in one place.

8. Utilize Social Media: Social networking is growing quickly and is one of the best ways to market your product to the masses – for free. Popular sites include Twitter, Stumble Upon and Facebook. Jump on this bandwagon now and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

9. Webinar: Hold a live webinar on a topic that relates to your business. You can charge a small fee, or you can offer it for free and just take names and email addresses to generate interest and build your client base.

10. Teleseminars: Record a sales presentation as a teleseminar and charge a fee for listeners to gain access. Yet another great way to capture lead information.

So you see, there are lots of ways to market your content on the web. With a little creativity and effort, you can run a successful campaign for your website.

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