Kahoot! Is this beneficial to education?

What Exactly Is Kahoot

One of the simplest ways to make a meeting or gathering more interesting is to provide an opportunity for everyone in the room to participate. Kahoot! does just that. It’s a web-based tool that enables you to build and host quiz-style games and other interactive material, dubbed “Kahoots!” by the site. (For the sake of clarity, we will refer to this review as “quiz,” “game,” and “interactive material.”) Whether you’re holding an onboarding session for new employees or a classroom of dispersed ninth students on the final day of school, you can use Kahoot! to generate engagement via a quiz, poll, or request for feedback. It’s surprisingly simple to use, allowing anybody to inject some excitement into their gatherings. Kahoot! was named a PCMag Editors’ Choice.

What Exactly Is Kahoot

What Exactly Is Kahoot!?

Kahoot! is an online service that allows users to create, host, and play quiz-style games. Additionally, there is a smartphone app that serves as a remote control that participants may use to play a game in a group setting. For instance, you might create a quiz to be played during a baby shower and have all guests participate simultaneously by entering their responses to each question through their mobile phones. Kahoot! is used in three primary areas: education, training, and engagement, as well as for pleasure.

You may play with others in the same room or remotely through a video conferencing app’s screen-sharing feature. A brief description of how it works follows. Additionally, you may discover quizzes that other users have developed and posted for everyone’s enjoyment. These include quizzes created by language-learning application developers, National Geographic, and individual schoolteachers.

What Is the Price of Kahoot!

Kahoot! provides a variety of plan options based on your intended usage of the product. They are classified as follows: educational, business, and personal.


Kahoot! for Schools, the company’s education division, offers a free tier of service, while premium plans range from $36 to $108 per teacher each year. You cannot pay for education accounts on a monthly basis. Paid accounts have access to additional tools that may be useful while creating quizzes. Students are admitted for free. The free tier of service provides the essential tools for creating and hosting games.

A Pro edition ($36 per year) adds a few more question kinds and game options—for instance, you may create a question with several potential responses. Additionally, Pro has the capability to interact with peers.

Premium teacher members ($72 per year) get unlimited access to all question kinds, distance learning tools, and the option to organize big quiz games with up to 2,000 participants for school-wide events. Premium users also get customized learning, which entails the app creating unique tests for pupils based on previous incorrect answers.

Finally, Premium+ ($108 per year) has all of the features found in Premium, plus the ability to create lesson plans, import slides from presentations, and get priority assistance.

Taking part in a Kahoot!

Kahoot Bot website !’s has a few simulations that demonstrate how to play a Kahoot! On the screen, a mobile device is shown on the left, and the main screen is displayed in the middle. If you’re playing with others in a room, you’ll share a shared screen for seeing the questions, and the mobile devices will serve as remote controllers for entering responses.

To begin, the host opens their quiz on a computer or laptop, but may choose to project it to a larger screen for improved viewing. Remote groups may instead communicate through video chat applications like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, with the host providing their material via the screen-sharing function.

To begin, each participant must own his or her own gadget. They do not, however, need to establish a Kahoot! account in order to participate. They are welcome to remain as guests. When the host starts the game, the initial screen displays a PIN that each participant must input into their interface in order to join the same game. If you’ve ever played a Jackbox Games game (Quiplash, Fibbage, or another), the setup procedure is identical.

Simulator for Kahoot
Once everyone is present, the host may begin by displaying the first question. Participants read the questions and then choose the picture on their screen that corresponds to the right answer for multiple choice questions. You continue in the same manner with each question. Certain questions may have several responses, such as sorting choices correctly or entering a response.

One small inconvenience is that the quiz must be manually moved from question to question. It would be great to have the option to switch to the next screen automatically after a few seconds.

Additional Business-Oriented Features
Apart from utilizing Kahoot! to enliven meetings and conduct training sessions, companies can do much more with the service than create quizzes.

Business users, for example, get templates for interactive surveys, brainstorming sessions, interactive presentations, and employee feedback polls. If you already have a PowerPoint presentation, you may upload it and make it interactive by peppering it with questions. Each slide does not have to include a question. You may solicit comments at the conclusion of a meeting, for example, or invite attendees to contribute their expertise, vote on the meeting’s direction, and so on.


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