A little off topic


A little off topic, but I needed to vent (who doesn’t every once in a while?)

I’ve been staying off of my computer as much as possible these last few days. Needless to say, it hasn’t worked the best. Am I the only one who finds it really hard to keep off of the computer? At first it was because my power cord died for my laptop and I needed to get a new one (which took an act of Congress) and then it was because my left eye has been twitching for days. ….DAYS, I tell you! Oh. My. Gosh. I really don’t know how much longer I can take this. But I don’t think I have a choice. There isn’t much you can do for my situation, I don’t think.

For the last nine days, my left eye lid has been twitching like crazy. I’d like to say this is the first time in my life that this has happened. This is definitely the longest it has continued however. It’s really no surprise why, I’m sure. New mom, stress, lack of sleep. You know? The norm. The fix would be to just sleep and it DOES indeed help when I can get 4 hours or more of sleep. You’re probably going to guess that it’s because of Owen. Wrong. Sure I sit on the couch and hold him yet, though I’ve been able to fall asleep on more than one occasion with him on my chest or in my arms. It’s the birds. The birds are driving me crazy. (I say with a half literal sense)

Since Owen was born and I’ve been spending more time on the couch, I’ve noticed a noise in our house. Every morning, starting at roughly 5am (just when Owen is starting to get tired usually) I can hear this knocking-like noise coming from our basement. It freaked me out, not going to lie. For a week, I cursed our neighbors under my breath. Of course it’s usually them that are causing the annoying, repetitive noises that wake me from a lazy Sunday afternoon nap (when I got them). It had to be them, I told myself. It grew over time to something much worse, more repetitive, more annoying. After all, it happened EVERY morning and continued until 10am or later some days. WHAT was the noise?!

I happened to have mentioned it to my husband and being my dramatic self – explained HOW annoying this noise was. After sitting up with Owen one morning while I grabbed some much needed shut-eye, the first words he muttered to me as I entered the room was “I heard it too, we have to do something.” YES! We do…but what?! He instructed me to wake him the next time I heard it, he would hunt down the noise that was driving me closer and closer to the edge every morning. I could have slept, if not for that noise! So the next morning, I did just that – I woke him and sent him on the “Great Hunt.” And he determined that it was coming from our basement, he believed the windows in the front of the house or the back and the birds were to blame. That’s all we knew. He opened the blinds, hoping that would deter them and solve the problem.

It didn’t. For the next few days, I again continued to put up with it. Until I had enough, that was IT – I said one morning. I asked him to put up the baby monitor camera from Owen’s room. He wasn’t using it at the moment. It never failed; whenever we would try to sneak downstairs…it would just stop. What the heck?! The camera could catch it, I was certain. So my wonderful husband pulled himself from bed on Sunday morning to set the camera up so I could catch the dirty birds that were playing games with me – and ultimately depriving me of my precious sleep. (Normally I have a much longer fuse for these things – but it’s been two months).

About half an hour after plugging in the camera, a noise coming from Owen’s room startled me half to death. His stereo kicked on all on its own. What the heck?! *Deep sigh* So, I pull myself from the couch, Owen in tow and turn the stereo off. I make it back out to the living room and it kicked on again. At this point, I’m thoroughly creeped out. I told myself it had something to do with the baby monitor, blah, blah, blah. It would stop soon I told myself. So I turned it off, not even making it out of the room this time – it kicked on again. Now I’m just annoyed completely. I think I finally have a solution for figuring out the birds and this darn stereo keeps kicking on. Ugh. Again, it kicks on – my husband standing in the living room talking to me at this point. He was MIA the first three times and thought it was odd it had just stopped when he came in the room. Guess again. So he just took the camera down – at my request. It was pointless – I was throwing in the towel. It was already 10am; it would have been time to feed Owen soon anyway. I wasn’t going to get any sleep that night, I give up. What’s the point – thoroughly grumpy now.

Later that day, my husband offered to take over for me while I grabbed some Z’s in our bed. Upon falling into a deep doze, the stereo kicked on again. It’s currently unplugged in his room. It occurred to us however that we recently switched internet providers and due to the wiring in our house, we had to put the new wireless box in Owen’s room on a top shelf (next to the stereo). If you live in a climate where you’ve experienced some pretty nasty storms, you’ll understand our explanation for the stereo events. Yesterday, it was extremely humid and we had some severe weather not only here, but across the state. Due to the molecules (I’ll refrain from a chemistry lesson here) in the atmosphere and electrical charges when it storms, or is about to – wireless signals tend to travel better and bounce off of each other and other signals differently. To make a long story short, the wireless internet modem was kicking the stereo on. At least ONE problem solved in our house. ….Now for those birds (?) and what in the heck they are doing with our windows. I’ve been given the advice of pie plates or tin foil. I’m not in love with this idea and how it might appear from the outside of our house. But if can’t get to the bottom of WHY they are doing this for sure – it may be my only option.

Until next time… Have a great day!


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