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This is a question I’ve asked myself since the flood of comments and well-wishes came in from all corners of the internet last weekend.

After all, I’m not a Jon & Kate blogger. Hell, I’m not even much of a pop culture blogger. There are plenty of outlets for people to get their fix of that stuff — outlets that update daily, if not more frequently, and who do what I did last week on a much grander scale. Me? I’m just a regular guy, trying to find a laugh or six, and maybe bring about a few chuckles from you guys as well. No expectations…no pretense…just a blog.

However, I have to admit that this whole J&K thing has made me think. In the four years I’ve been running this site, only two posts have gotten me any kind of major attention. That’s right — the two posts about that rubber-groined landbeast in Pennsylvania.

Maybe I’m missing my calling…

Between my personal blog, and my work at Bugs & Cranks [], I’ve seen regular readers come and go. I’ve enjoyed moderate success in getting my name out there. And I’ve achieved a small portion of what I set out to do — have people enjoy my writing.

And I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for it.

But now I need to think this through. I need to decide if it’s time I started focusing my efforts on things that will get me the attention I crave, the exposure I need, and an outside chance of taking my hobby and finally turning it into a lucrative and rewarding career. No matter how often I take breaks from blogging, or what’s emblazoned on my biweekly pay stub, I am (and will always be) a professional writer. And thanks to a silly pair of posts about a fake TV couple, I got a small taste of what it feels like to preach from a bigger podium.

This is something I’ve wanted for a very…long…time.

I have no intentions of becoming a poor man’s Perez Hilton, or just another face in an endless line of mindless ‘net ranters. But I do think that with the right focus (not to mention better use of tags and crosslinks), I can take this humble little blog and broaden its scope to a wider array of people and media outlets. And I can do it without losing who I am along the way.

Diaries started out — like most blogs — as a sounding board for my thoughts, and though we’ve had some facelifts and tone shifts, it’s still always been Brad behind the curtain. This will never change. I assure you that no matter what form these pages take, for better or for worse, you will always get pure, unadulterated me.

So, no frets, true believers. This blog isn’t going anywhere. That is, anywhere but up. For most people, blogging is a hobby — a distraction. For me, it’s a small step on a lifelong journey, and an outlet to achieve my longstanding goals. Yeah, it’s time to take this to another level.

What I’m going to be expressing on these pages? Well, that’s going to require a little more thought. It won’t be Jon & Kate (at least I don’t think so) and it won’t be trite, rehashed pablum you could read elsewhere. But it will be honest, funny and original. You have the Professor’s word.

I only hope you’ll come along for the ride.




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